Monday, December 14, 2009

A Small Rant About Doctor Who

With the weather being increasingly unpleasant, outdoor activity has been out of the question this weekend. Even driving around has been advised against. I've started drafting my new story, currently called "Matchless"- I'm very enthusiastic about it and the way my ideas are progressing. Mostly though, I've been watching Doctor Who.
I came onto this phenomenon late, Tennant is the only Dr. I have a realm of experience with, I have seen a bit of Eccleston and some clips of some of the earlier Drs, but for me Tennant is and always will be the Dr. Some friends assert that he's too angry for the part, but honestly, with all he's seen and lost, wouldn't you expect a little angst? I think he's one of the elements that keep the show from getting campy.
That and the fantastic writing. I love Robin Hood, of course, but it can not compare to Doctor Who in terms of continuity and story arching. They plan out the sereis so well and tie in little things that seem incidental early on, they all play out later on.
Next Saturday "The Waters of Mars" the second of the four specials is airing and then I believe on Boxing Day "The End of Time: Part One" will air. From the previews it looks like there might be a return of The Master. How? I have know idea, but I look forward to finding out. Of course, the 'infection' in "The Waters of Mars" looks a bit like a zombie problem from those previews. I still have hope.
And yes... I have been reading Middlemarch as well. Do you even need to ask?

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