Saturday, December 5, 2009

Love/Hate Relationship

With the weather. The snow has gotten as close to pouring as snow possibly can. I'm watching it swirl outside the window (along with my cat who is a bit agitated by it) and I admire it's beauty. Yet, at the same time I resent its presence today. I was supposed to go hear my friend's blues band tonight, but I suspect by the time I'll be heading out this evening my town and the two towns over will resemble an arctic tundra.
The real shame is that this friend's band may be on hiatus for quite sometime because she may need surgery on her vocal chords.
I will instead content myself to reading Middlemarch and watching the series finale of Robin Hood tonight. My impatience led me to watch it this summer, but on a tv instead of my computer screen and with time to process the nuances, philosophy and tragedy of the show, the second viewing of the season has been a very different experience.
Most of the country is enjoying/bemoaning the snow as well right now according to the weather map, I wish you all the best with flannel pajamas, hot cocoa, and period dramas of your own.

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