Friday, December 25, 2009

Sherlock Holmes

I feel a bit ashamed that my discussions for the past week or so have been limited to Jane Austen and Doctor Who. Both very interesting topics, but not what I want my overall focus to be. This is an alert that TCM (Turner Classic Movies) is having a Sherlock Holmes marathon from this evening at eight until tomorrow at eight featuring many of the films they've never aired before.
Monday my brother and I are going to see the new film with Robert Downey Jr. which looks to be delightfully steampunk in terms of style. I must admit I haven't read mcuh of Sir Arthur Conan Doyle's stories. Mystery was never my genre, it was my grandmother's. She read all the Holmes novels, everything Agatha Christie ever wrote, anything suspenseful she could find. "A Book Every Night" was her policy, so at least you know I get my addiction honestly. Perhaps I should add some Doyle to my 2010 list? That list has the potential to be far too mammoth for one year that will no doubt be quite busy besides. A continuous reading list for my life in general may be required.
As far as Middlemarch is concerned? I think my compatriots are losing heart. I posted my thoughts on the first book (the novel is divided into eight... or nine maybe?) on the 16th and have had no one else confirm making it to that point in their reading as well. I'm trudging along, but don't want to be too far ahead of my fellow readers. However, I have the depressing feeling that they may no longer be my fellow readers. That makes my resolve to continue for the next 650 pages considerably weaker now that I'm on my own.

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