Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Another Jane Austen Spin-Off (Sort of)

Jane Bites Back, a new novel featuring Jane Austen as its protagonist is released December 29th. No, this is not a meditation on the possible secret love story of Austen's life or a speculation into what the letters Cassandra burned might have contained. In this story Jane is the owner of a book shop in present day Upstate New York. How is this possible? She is a vampire. Oh, yes, Jane Austen as a vampire. (Catherine Morland would have squealed with delight.) Reviews have been positive if the ones referenced on Jane Austen Today's are any indication. The premise of Jane having to endure all the ridiculous paraliterature she's inspired is rather amusing. I'm sure her "bite list" would include some very particular authors and film makers... read an excerpt at Austenprose. (Yes link button is working again.)
Also a belated reminder that the sublime Cranford started its encore on PBS this past Sunday. If you missed it visit PBS's Masterpiece site to watch the program online. January 10th sees the sequel Return to Cranford at 9 pm again starring Dame Judi Dench. My friend Eloise and I are having a viewing party to celebrate. Yes, we believe watching Masterpiece Classic constitutes a party, thank you.

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