Wednesday, December 30, 2009

All About the Brontes Challenge 2010

Laura's Reviews is hosting a challenge for bloggers to read, watch and review the works and various adaptations of the Bronte sisters' works between January and June 2010. I have just signed up (a little under the wire) and will be reviewing:
Villette by Charlotte Bronte (it was on my reading list anyway)
Agnes Grey by Anne Bronte (I liked her Tenant of Wildfell Hall far better than Emily's Wuthering Heights, poor Anne needs some attention)
Film: Wuthering Heights 2003 (produced by MTV... uh oh)
Film: Jane Eyre 2007 (Masterpiece Theatre)
If you're interested in the challenge go here: Laura's Reviews
Happy reading!


  1. Thank-you for joining my All About the Brontes Challenge! I definitely agree with you about Anne. The Tenant of Wildfell Hall is my favorite Bronte novel after Jane Eyre. I liked it better than Wuthering Heights and I'm not sure why poor Anne is always so neglected.

    My library system doesn't have the MTV produced Wuthering Heights and I've been curious about it. I look forward to reading you review!

  2. I saw it a couple years ago... it was very interesting. I'll have to watch it again before doing an official review.
    Thanks for hosting this, I missed the Austen challenge this year, but really look forward to this one. I may pick up a few other items throughout, I'll scour the local library.