Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Epic Book Blog

It's not really running yet, but it does exist. My Middlemarch project has turned into an idea for an epic online book club. We'll be reading all those epically long, dense classics that no one really wants to any more. Well, we want to. First is Middlemarch, of course. We are also looking at Moby Dick and Anna Karenina for spring. Penguin Classics has a list of 10 essential classics, some of which we've already read, but we might tackle the whole list just to refresh what we know and learn some of what we don't. Here's the list from Penguin:(links are still not working...grr.)
Here's the link for the blog, it will have a total of three to four contributors, but anyone that has any questions or knowledge of the books we're reading is more than welcome to comment and discuss.
There is a working link for the above in "Places I Visit" on the right hand side of the posts.

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