Thursday, December 10, 2009

New Scheme Has Lift-Off

The first entry of the Epic Book Blog is up. It has been a trial to get everything together and organized, as of a few hours ago we were waiting for our third to sign in, but none the less, it's a go. I'm a few chapters into Middlemarch, it's not bad, but there is so much of it to go! The "Literary Amazon Warrior" feeling during the after glow of NaNoWriMo that helped spur this on has faded a little bit, and I can't help but wonder how high the book's word count is.
Is there a database for such things?
At least I won't be alone and will have time off.
Oh, hey, speaking of new projects, I've decided to stash my historical fiction for next year's NaNo, and work on another idea I had recently. There have been so many ideas lately, I can't keep up. At least they have assuaged my fears that I would be a one story writer. This one is quite different from anything I've ever written, and different from what I normally read as well. It's sort of SciFi/Fantasy and uses some of Joseph Campbell's outlines for the hero's journey. I'm actually really excited, in a way it's like the opposite of my historical piece as far as the freedom I have with it. I can create everything, make it any way I want to.

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