Friday, March 12, 2010

Script Frenzy Approaches!

Everything on the Frenzy website has been reset for the new season of writing adventures. There aren't as many participants as in NaNo, so the boards don't appear to be as ridiculously active. However, there is the Plot Device Machine on the home page that produces wonderful "plots" such as these I collected over the past few months:
During a summer lightning storm -a Parisian fishmonger -invents the cure for a broken heart
After a harsh break-up -a hot-headed public defender -finds and rears abandoned adult triplets
Dressed like Liberace -a talking lobster -wreaks Godzilla-style havoc
After reading a coworker's email -a toddler with a smoking problem -must kill the president to save the country
After eating some bad cheese -a talking lobster-receives dating advice from the afterlife

If these aren't inspirational ideas... check your pulse please. It's a very good procrastination tool at any rate.
My current plot would break down to: In a world where no one cares about theatre any more- a group of broke students- try to produce artistic integrity from themselves and the possibly clinically insane. I'm excited about it, though it may seem a bit lame. I've been reading back over journals I kept at drama school and backstage during plays, writing down truly bizarre incidents friends have told me about, etc. I want to capture the chaotic energy and stress of creating theatre as well as the inexplicable way things sometimes come together, the story-telling and bonding, randomness and tantrums. Overall, what makes working in the theatre and going to the theatre an experience unlike any other. Hmm... this may be harder than I thought.
Also, last night I broke the 'O' key off my laptop. I can still use it, I just have to press the little pad where the key used to be. It still made me sad, I've kept this machine pretty pristine for almost a year.


  1. I couldn't believe my good luck when I found this book at a flea market last Wednesday: Eugene Vale's "The Technique of Screen And Television Writing"! It cost just a couple of $$. I started reading the chapter about characterization first (hoping to learn something for my fanfiction writing, too). I never would have paid attention to this book if you had not gotten me into Script Frenzy :).

    Here are some of lines I've picked up from the plot machine:

    * In a post-apocalyptic world - a prodigal child - reinvents the wheel. (A good thing, too!)
    * Framed for murdering the prime minister - a hunky, dimwitted pool boy - switches suitcases with a Mafia hit man.
    * After seven failed marriages - a traveling Bible salesman - discovers the true meaning of Christmas.

    And since you suggested that I write about twins living in a space station, I was interested to find this starting line "In a haunted space station orbiting Pluto...". I will most likely use that.
    Have a good weekend!

  2. I can't believe you're actually writing about the space station twins! I hope you have fun, we can be writing buddies, let me know what name you're using on the Frenzy.

  3. Hi!
    Oh sorry, at this moment I'm not planning to take part in it officially. I will just write for myself, as much as time permits, stress-free :). Have fun in New York!