Saturday, March 6, 2010

2010 Reading Challenge Neglect

So far I only have 2/5 for my Bronte reading and watching challenge, 2/6 for my What's in a Name? challenge. Next month I will (gleefully) be moving into Script Frenzy month, so I really should get some of my reading done before that insanity begins.
Here's the problem: I have been accumulating a very extensive TBR shelf, so large that I'm a little scared of it. There also have been so many other things to read and do cropping up. Work on the newspaper has been very time consuming, I always end up doing about 3 articles per week as well as all the reading and writing for the classes I'm taking. Fortunately, one of the novels for my literature class fits one of the categories for What's in a Name? Since I won't be taking any classes for the next week (spring break on the campus) I will have more spare time and I've accumulated a small stack of books to get through. Of course friends and family keep popping up with other ways for me to spend my extra time. I really don't want to completely isolate myself from everyone but the employees at the local library, and sometimes you have to live a life worth writing about (or at least meet people who are).

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