Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Day 3: College Media Conference

On the final morning of the conference I caught a session entitled "Weird Careers in Journalism," though not as weird as I had hoped. We did recieve some very sound resume advice and great ideas to consider when looking for employment.
The day's keynote speech was delivered by Mark Halperin, author of Game Change. He advised us to tell interesting stories in our journalistic reports to make people stay interested in the news. His extensive background in interview led him to compile a basic set of rules to keep in mind when using quotations or doing longer interviews.
Unfortunately, the opportunity to ask the speaker questions was abused by a student present. The student hijacked the conversation and began a speech they had written out before hand that had nothing to do with Halperin's book or discussion. Though this student may have been passionate, they chose the wrong method to get their opinions across appearing disrespectful to the bewildered speaker and counter-acting any trust she might have built in her cause. The microphone was shut off and she left the conference room leaving behind a stack of petition pages in spite of the fact that there was a collection of signatures on some of them. As she left, she yelled something about us all being "inducted," I'm still not sure what to.
Other than the farce like incident during the final keynote, the conference ended on a good note and left me feeling energized about my own journalistic aspirations. I do feel I need to read more newspapers and magazines and I need to invest in a good tape recorder.

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