Thursday, March 25, 2010

Creative Writing Blues

Sometimes I wonder if being a novelist is actually within my grasp, if creative writing is actually my "thing." When I was going to drama school I thought I wanted to live my life in the theatre, to direct and act. Then I re-evaluated that and decided to study English. I'm wondering if that might be a mistake. I still don't know exactly what I want to do with my life.
I'm really developing an affection for journalism, but I want to write stories. I guess I'm just a bit down because I didn't do as well on my Hamlet paper as I had hoped and my short story didn't win the campus writing contest (I really could have used that $75 prize too). I have to ask, what if I'm not that good at the thing I think I'm best at- if my best isn't that great? Where would that leave me?
Hopefully Screnzy will cheer me up, I haven't written a script in a while, but I like the feel of it. Maybe that's my thing. Maybe once I start eating and sleeping regularly again I'll feel better. I'm glad tomorrow's Friday.

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  1. Sorry about the paper and the short story! :) Good luck.

    In the meantime I wanted to remind you not to forget us on the RH board!!! ;) We miss you.