Friday, March 5, 2010

On the Tube Update

Sorry for the neglect, my attention has been fixed on Hamlet and handbags all week and I highly suggest browsing Etsy as a procrastination technique.
The 39 Steps on Sunday night was delightful, Rupert Penry Jones seemed a very comfortable fit for the role, more so than his turn as Captain Wentworth in Persusion few years back.
On the 28th Masterpiece comes back with two new Sharpe adventures, I must call up my father, he'll be very pleased having read all the books.
Of course, the big news is....Series 5 of Doctor Who premieres on BBC America April 17th. Once again proving that there is no reason why the US must wait almost a year to get most series from the UK. The new teaser is up for viewing on BBCA's site, but I must warn you, it made me sort of nervous for the next season. Stick to the trailer in my opinion, the teaser is very bizarre and stilted.

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