Monday, March 29, 2010

Monday Morning Drive

After a small family Masterpiece Theatre Party at my dad's last night, I crashed in my old bedroom at his house. The mattress was more uncomfortable than I remembered and in the middle of the night I found myself sitting out on his balcony trying to keep my candles from blowing out. My breath came in clouds and I could hear oceans of water pouring through the rain gutters. But I couldn't sleep.
This morning I woke up and the house was empty except for me. I hadn't slept there in an age and it was strange. I would have loved to stay there and wander around the little town all day, but I had to behave as a responsible adult and come home, there are a million things to do.
The drive was beautiful though. Bits of color are starting to burst out from the naked winter branches and a light fog hung over everything like a canopy. I felt like I was in I Capture the Castle, it always seemed to be raining in that book- a damp but lovely English countryside. It was all very serene. I normally don't like driving on back country roads, they make me nervous, but I didn't mind it at all today.
And in case you were wondering: Sharpe's Challenge was quite good, and Sean Bean was hunky as usual. Cornwell is one of my father's favorite authors and he loved it.

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