Monday, November 16, 2009

Reviews: Part 1 Collision, "Raditudes"

Ok, not as great as I hoped. I was a little upset by that fact that within the first five minutes we know which characters are going to die in the accident. That ruined some of the suspense for me and made me feel like I shouldn't become emotionally invested in these particular characters. The structure was a little confusing as well, without the sub-titles I would have been totally lost. I know there are two more parts to go, but I'm still waiting for the "so what?", the theme, why the story of all these people in this collision are important and how they connect to each other beyond the simple visceral experience. Also, this may just be me being an ignorant American and I know it was impportant to the plot but, is it commonplace for ambulances to take less injured patients to diners? That struck me as strange.
On the positive: Fantastic cast! Alum of Pride and Prejudice, Robin Hood, Doctor Who, Primeval, Torchwood, Being Human, The Twelth Night, Sparkhouse, and many other great programs. Some of the stories are interesting and intruiging. Did one man purposely become onvolved in the accident? Why was one of the survivors found possibly murdered shortly after leaving the hospital? Why was there a man hidden in the furniture delivery van? Some of those questions will inspire me to tune in to the next part. As well as Lucy Griffiths- even though I think she looks better as a brunette- she is refreshing in a contemporary role and a sympathetic character.
I was irresponible today and bought Weezer's new album, "Raditude". I just put it on my computer and haven't finished listening, but will post my initial impressions. Alot of people have had negative comments about this album, but in a way it reminds me alot of their "Blue" album. There's something kind of early rock/punk about their radio single "If You're Wondering if I Want You To (I Want You To) that is reminiscent of songs like "Buddy Holly". The poetic angsty-ness of "Put Me Back Together" pairs with songs like "The World Has Turned (And Left Me Here)". There is also a sense of shamelessly reveling in witty geekiness which I find irrestible. I did have to ask "What? Is that Lil' Wayne?" During "Can't Stop Partying". That was a slightly confusing song. Four more to listen to, I'll post further thoughts later. So far it's not my favorite album, but doesn't warrant alot of the bashing it's been given.
Oh one thing that upset me a little: you can only get the bonus track of Weezer doing two covers in one of Kids and Poker Face if you buy the album on iTunes. Grr. I refuse, it's not fair. Why are you so cruel iTunes? Always keeping things for yourself.

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