Friday, November 13, 2009

Kurt Vonnegut

And since I am just procrastinating instead of doing real work or NaNoWriMo, I may as well say that in all the chaos of life, I forgot to post that Wenesday the 11th was Kurt Vonnegut's birthday. Slaughterhouse Five and Cat's Cradle are some of my favorite banned books (for lists of the 100 most challenged classics and the most commonly banned books in recent decades check out and celebrate Banned Books Week the last week of September each year- I proudly wear my "I read banned books" pin). That was a long aside. I apologize.
For incentive to pick up some Vonnegut check out "15 Things Kurt Vonnegut Said Better than Anyone Else Ever Has or Will". Be aware a few quotations contain some intemperate language. My link button is stil acting childishly, so copy/paste my friends, copy/paste:,1858/
It has inspired me to read some of Vonnegut's earlier works.
So it goes.

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