Monday, November 23, 2009


Okay, didn't make 35,000 but still. Whoa. Even some of the stuff I just wrote thinking, "Whatever comes to mind, I'll put down," turns out to have significance. Some character revelations have come out of that spew. Thank you subconscious.
More great Threads from the NaNoWriMo's site:
Please injure my MC
Calling All Drunk Dialers
Morgue Visiting Hours
REALISTIC Superpowers… yeah, I know.
Forks? Weapons of Death?
Prison, hard time, all that.
I chased my character through Wal-Mart today…
Be SAD Dammit!!!!

It is quite an interesting sub-culture actually, the NaNo people. There's a whole vernacular I'm gradually learning. In one week it will be December and it will be over much to the relief of friends and family who are tired of hearing me say, "I can't, I'm writing a novel!" or, "Stop interrupting my noveling!"
I can't wait until the script challenge in April, I have so many ideas! However a lot of things are going by the wayside: laundry, dishes, academic research, my hair.
All for my art I guess.
Planning on at least a two hour marathon tomorrow.
Also, first week of December I will be reviewing Wiloughby's Return by Jane Odiwe, a new sequel to Sense and Sensibility and "A Tale of Almost Irresistable Temptation" according to the subtitle.

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