Tuesday, November 24, 2009


I finally reached the goal I had for yesterday...oh well. The crux of what my novel's really about is becoming clear to me, in December (hear that inner editor, not until December!) when I go back and start editing I'm going to have to adjust a few things to make the theme and feeling cohesive overall. I finally know where it's set for one thing!
There is one tiny little problem. I don't know if I have almost 15,000 words worth of plot left. The story's pretty close to over and I don't want to take another random dare from one of the forums. I've already taken about four dares to keep things moving and I broke out the Plot Device Jar. I made it a few years ago to put little phrases like "An inheritence is gained," and other prompts that might change the direction of the story. Some verging on cliche, some completely bizzare. I think I originally thought of making it when I read that August Wilson I think, kept a jar of character traits on his desk or something like that. A few of the dares on NaNoWriMo's thread have been so good I added them to the jar even though I can't use them right now in this story.
Maybe I'll just kill someone off or make an epilogue... I'll update in a day or two. Next Monday's December. (Screams of horror)

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