Friday, November 27, 2009

45352, and Collision Part 2

I have hit 45352. I am in the home stretch and I'm really starting to think I can do this, especially because I realized that December doesn't start until Tuesday, not Monday as I previously thought. So what if my sleep pattern may be permanently screwed up and several of my personal relationships in decay? I'm feeling good.
For a non-sugary reward, I finally watched the second part of Collsion saved on my DVR. Lucy Griffiths was the highlight of the program in my opinion, though Douglas Henshall was quite good as well. He portrayed the different emotional layers of his character very well, but Lucy's character was the one I found the most sympathetic. She was focused on quite a bit and had a quiet, but empowering end to her story.
The story itself was a bit of a mess, many, many layers and jumps forward and backward that the subtitles barely help keep straight. Although some of the stories were intersting it felt like way too much going on. (Just like the first season of the strangely addictive Glee.)The ending was also very peculiar in a post modern sort of way. All of a sudden the narrative (not voiced mind you) asks what would have happen if the accident had never occured, and all the victims are seen continuing on their journey, riding in a sort of passive, Elysian Fields way while piano music- by Chopin I believe?- plays whistfully in the background. I'd give it a B.

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