Tuesday, January 18, 2011

An Unexpected Extension

My winter break has been extended by some inclement weather. It was at eight fifteen this morning that I thought about skipping breakfast and climbing back into the warm cocoon of my bed, but decided to be productive instead.
I made some Calendula and Orange Goat's Milk soap and had some oatmeal.
Currently, I'm working on typing up all of my draftings and story notes for my mystery series. I have bits written for four books so far and need to start organizing them. Also, I need a new flash drive, as I start expanding my drafts, I have a feeling my already well used memory stick will fill up.
I'm writing my stories out of order. Scenes and subplots and bits of dialogue will come to me that are for two books down the road. Perhaps it is because I took a day back in early December and mapped out where I wanted the series as a whole to go. Obviously some of the details and such aren't clear yet, but I know basically what occurs in each book and how that effects an overall story arch for a five book series (and maybe a prequel).
There is something very empowering about knowing where you're going with your story and characters. Trust me, there have been many occasions where I've been lost and had no idea of what should happen next.
Still, I need to more seriously focus on finishing the first book (the second is in a far more complete state currently) and start looking for an agent. If I could publish my first novel before I finish college, I would be unutterably euphoric. More and more I realize that it really is what I want to do. So many people do work that doesn't make them happy and I don't know if I could, but writing makes me happy. Well, most of the time- even when if doesn't, I still have to do it. It's something I have to do. And I'd like to get paid for it. That would be nice.


  1. I keep my fingers crossed for you! :)

    Need to get down and do some proper writing. That writing career isn't going to, err, write itself.

  2. Thanks.
    I'm currently wondering whether or not the book I intended to be a prequel, published after the books I'm currently working on should actually be published first- do them completely chronologically.
    I want to have at least two books complete before going to an agent to show that I'm young, but I'm serious and motivated.
    Keep writing Traxy, I hope you find time to get serious!