Saturday, January 22, 2011

The Bath Disaster

Enjoy this off topic post, it's been an exhausting few days.
I have not taken a bath at this apartment yet even though I've been here for a while. Baths are one of my favorite winter activities- sometimes they are the only way I can make my entire body feel warm at one time. However, the tub here is a little scary.
The menfolk have left it rather scummy and the bottom of the tub still has the remnants of stick--on daisy shaped pads to prevent slipping left by the last tenant. These have been covered by a prickly bath mat that seems to be the place where all hair collects.
Still, I was determined that today I was going to have a bath. The kind of bath that involves music and a book and my homemade eucalyptus bath salts. Something other than the third episode of Downton Abbey should be the highlight of my weekend for goodness' sake. Alas, it was not meant to be. After scrubbing the tub and using some foaming cleaner I found it the back of the cabinet (which I got on my hands and then had a two-minute freak out over the fact that the warning label says to avoid contact with skin- I have a mild chemical phobia as it is), I finally deemed the tub clean enough to bathe in. Of course then the water would not get hot enough and the drain is apparently loose, so the lukewarm water was slowly sinking around me.
That's when I finally cast aside my copy of Little Women and gave up on the relaxing bath scenario. I took a shower and wondered why the water could be hot coming out of the shower head, but not when filling the tub.
Now I'm settling in to finish up some articles for the college paper and accepting the fact that PBS programming probably will be the highlight of my weekend. There are worse things.


  1. I sympathise. It's awful when you're really looking forward to it and you fill the bath and ... oh, the hot water ran out about half the tub ago and the water is now only lukewarm. >_< Had a nice hot bath yesterday and made sure to put the boiler on beforehand to make sure it was plenty to keep me warm!

  2. Ah! Reading in the tub is one of my favourite pastimes. So sorry you couldn't enjoy it properly!
    Your comments remind me of my daughter's experiences sharing a bathroom while at Uni. She took some very gross pictures of the bathroom, as apparently she was the only one concerned with cleanliness. (And let me tell you, we don't have extremely high standards in our house so...yes, it was beyond gross!)
    Little Women, one of my childhood faves! (But I only read the abridged version).

  3. Thanks for the solidarity ladies.