Saturday, January 29, 2011

Editing Doesn't Completely Suck

I spent most of yesterday editing my NaNo Novel and rethinking the story arch I've been plotting. I've been contemplating using the NaNo Novel as a prequel to the series I'm working on, to be published after the first five or so sequential books. Now I'm sort of wondering if that shouldn't be just the first book.
I actually like my first book. Lord knows it needs work, but I went through and took out all the random bits that happen when you have to meet a daily word count, changed a few details about the ways the characters interact, and wrote a new ending. A productive day overall. This is weird for me, a strange place to find myself in: me liking something I've written and enjoying rereading and editing, It makes me nervous in a way, because I'm afraid the more I like it, the more crushing it will be when other people dislike it.
So far, I've let one of my friends from the literary society read it-- and I read her NaNo Novel as well. She really enjoyed it, but I'm still anxious. I've decided that I'm going to apply myself not only to editing this book and continuing to work on the second, but to finding an agent this year. I fully expect to receive some rejection letters, but they'll be tough to read. Where to begin looking? I suppose I'll have to spend a weekend combing through Writer's Market after another round of editing.
Right now I'm heading to the laundromat so that I can have some clean clothes before I get snowed in again.

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