Wednesday, January 5, 2011

David Tennant is Engaged

It's been all over the news, so I'm sure everyone's heard by now, but I can't not post about this. David Tennant is engaged to Georgia Moffett, daughter of fifth Doctor Peter Davison and the actress that played Ten's daughter in "The Doctor's Daughter". I'm going to attempt to coin another new term here: Whocest- because that is how I'll be referring to their relationship.
Moffett is twenty six and has an eight year old son, she and Tennant are apparently planning their wedding for next new year's day.
I was very disappointed in this headline from the Daily Mail:
"Keep it in the Time Lord family: David Tennant to marry Georgia Moffett... daughter of ex-Doctor Who Peter Davison"
Now even I, an American, know that Peter Davison was The Doctor, not 'Doctor Who.' Shame, shame, an all too common mistake. The Daily Mail disappoints me once again.

Wait... do you hear that loud cracking noise? That is the sound of fangirl hearts breaking across the globe. Personally, I hope that they are very happy together and I completely forgive Tennant this folly, after all, he hasn't met me yet.


  1. I believe the cracking noise was most audible on Tumblr today. I actually unfollowed a few girls on tumblr today that were freaking out and actually mad about Tennant getting married. I agree with you, I hope they are happy together.

    Also, I watched the Christmas special today...wept at the end, so sweet. Though I vaguely remember not being able to touch your past self in the Who-verse, otherwise you'd create a paradox and cease to exist. I remember something about that in the episode where Rose tries to stop her father from dying.

  2. Jenny. Seriously.

    So... the Doctor is marrying the real daughter of the only other Doctor he's met on camera, whose last name is 'Moffett', and who appeared on the show as the daughter (genetic clone, no less) of Tennant's own incarnation of the Doctor?

    Wibbly-wobbly indeed.

    Offspring with more 'Who' in their blood could not be designed in a lab. Imagine Christmas!

  3. That's quite funny, really ... daughter of a Doctor, who played the Doctor's daughter. Can't make it up! This is the first I've heard of it, so thanks for posting. :) Hope they'll be very happy tWHOgether! (Oh that was so bad.)

  4. It is very strange, but they have been dating for a while, so I'm sure they've gotten past all the weirdness by now. They're having a long engagement as well, which can be a good thing.
    Still, it is all very uncanny- as I said 'Whocest,' I'd really like to go spread this term around to the world.
    I'm sure the fangirls will survive somehow. Matt Smith is still on the market.