Thursday, January 13, 2011

Reading Challenges- Sherlock Holmes

I see blogs hosting reading challenges all the time, I've even participated in a few. However, I really want to host my own now.
I've been reading so much Sherlock Holmes, the originals and pastiches and talking to others that either have been as well, or want to start. This is why I suddenly want to host a Sherlock Holmes reading challenge.
Obviously there are several obstacles such as getting the word out and the question: Who wants to start a reading challenge in February?
Perhaps I'll wait and make this a summer reading challenge, in the meantime I'll put out some feelers to see if there is any interest in such an undertaking. Think of it as sort of a book club for those that are enamoured with the great detective.
The exact parameters still have to be determined, but probably the standard 4-6 books and I'll probably include movies as well.
What do you guys think?

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  1. Hmm, not sure I'll have time in February but I can try! I love the Holmes stories; let me know if you're going through with this!

    By the way, as a Robin Hood fan with literary tastes, I think you'll really appreciate this fic: A Very Guy Christmas Carol (Robin Hood meets Dickens -- who, apparently, was an ancestor of Harry Lloyd's!). Very imaginative and excellently written.

    Oh and of course you're missed on the board; please stop by! :D (I hope your Sherlock passion isn't going to dampen your interest in the RH fandom. :) ) The newest caption contest is hilarious.