Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Back to School Preparation

I've dropped off the face of the earth in order to prepare for my upcoming fall semester. A few weeks ago I thought I was ready to start classes again, but now it seems remarkable how close the school year is. I'm in the process of ordering my books, but I doubt they'll be here in time.
This year I'm taking on two positions of authority: Assistant Arts Editor for the college paper and president of the literary society on campus. Even though classes aren't starting for a week and a half I'll be on campus next week helping to set up the "Welcome back Issue" of the paper which I'm working on three articles for. I'm also trying to set up a meeting with the other officers to figure out a way to make an impressive showing at the Club Fair the first week of school. The literary club membership is at a very low dip after this last semester, so coming in as the new president, one of my big goals is to create more interest among the students.
The challenge is: how can I show the student body that we don't sit sipping tea and reading dusty books (all the time), we have a lot of fun and do some cool activities. I'd like us to broaden our scope this year.
I've also had a break through on one of my stories- there is still hope for me yet.


  1. Good luck with the school preparations, and congratulations on the story breakthrough! :) Hope the semester's a good one.

    (This is LadyKate, btw, under my other Google Account.)

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  3. Wow, spelling error of mine, sorry- thanks for your wishes, I'm looking forward to this semester.