Monday, August 23, 2010

Newsroom Commentary

I'm sitting in the campus newsroom, we're putting together the 'Welcome Back' issue so that it is on the stands when everyone moves back in the end of this week. This semester I've moved into an editorial position- Assistant Arts editor to be exact. The current Arts editor is training me to take it over next semester because she'll be graduating.
What's great about being an Arts editor is that so many things are relevant and I have plenty of ideas for things to cover this semester. My column on British Pop Culture is one of my favorite things to do. Book, restaurant, film reviews, local news from museums and new music- all things to write about. My favorite kinds of stories, as I'm often chattering about, involve "real" journalism. Not just reading some information and synthesizing it into an article, but actually going out an experiencing an event, talking to people, performing interviews- that is what I love.
The atmosphere of the room hasn't changed at all in spite of the months we've been away. Our advisor left us tortilla chips and homemade salsa which we eat as we play music and discuss ideas. Slightly yellowed past issues hang from a strip of cork on the wall and the whiteboard has been graffitied by editors that were there earlier in the day. Still, I'm reminded of all the friends that won't be coming through the newsroom tonight, those that have graduated and are off in the world looking for places to be spectacular.
As a misty rain falls outside, I feel very content and settled in for the semester in the newsroom- or as we call it, our second home.

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