Saturday, August 7, 2010

Sherlock Assurance

My Masterpiece newsletter for August (yes there is such a thing and of course I signed up for it) assures me that the new Sherlock is coming to PBS... sometime in 2010. That narrows it down.
Word on the street- or internet- is that the series made up of three episodes was so successful that a second series may be on the way next year. It always creates mixed emotions in an American Anglophile to hear about exciting projects in the works, you're glad to hear about them, but a little anxious over the amount of time you'll have to wait, the slightly illegal online videos you may have to resort to, and/or the money you'll have to lay down to get the DVDs if that is the only method of watching left. Personally, watching something online doesn't remove the possibility that I'll buy something. I'm more apt to make the purchase if I've seen something and already know I like it. Jane Eyre 2006 and North and South were two series I watched online and then purchased.
I'll be back on Tuesday with a teaser from Possession. I don't know if I'm suddenly in the right mind set, but I'm really starting to progress with and enjoy my reading of that novel. I'll also have an entry for my new series of reviews I'm calling "Notorious Reads" that I'll be continuing with through Banned Books Week in September. This particular read will also double as my first review for my DH Lawrence Challenge.

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  1. Sherlock was absolutely fab. Loved it! Hope you'll enjoy it too when it heads your way. Looking forward to your Lawrence review! :) I'm trying to slowly make my way through Women in Love...