Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Another Book I Have to Read

I just saw the first two episodes of Pillars of the Earth on the Starz website (I'm a poor college kid- I can't afford any special channels). Unfortunately it seems like they aren't going to put up any more episodes, and I can't find any websites to watch it on that don't involve me taking some sort of invasive quiz that asks for all of my personal information. So, I'll be anxiously awaiting (and saving up) for the DVD release.
Historical fiction or semi-fiction has always been one of my favorite, especially stories regarding the English monarchy in the medieval to renaissance period. It takes me back to my days at the Ren. Faire. So far it seems like a really interesting story with wonderfully varied characters. So, here's another book to add to my list. As you undoubtably know, I'm way behind on my reading list.
However there is one vital thing that the mini series has that the book won't:

Ah, Eddie Remayne, cutest male ginger ever. There is something utterly heartbreaking about him no matter what role he plays.
My seamstress persona has also found inspiration for some projects from the beautiful costumes in the show.

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