Thursday, April 8, 2010

Throwing a Keats Party

Surprisingly, entering "Keats Party" or "Romantic Poetry Party" into a search engine yeilds little results. I, along with the rest of the campus literary club, are throwing a party tomorrow night to celebrate John Keats and his contemporaries. It is apart of the National Poetry Month festivities.
As a party theme, there aren't many activities that spring to mind for a group to participate in. I'm bringing my copy of Bright Star, but we really had a difficult time coming up with other activities. My suggestion of contracting tuberculosis was rejected with good reason, so we decided we will have a reading of our favorite Keats poems as well as those of other romantics, and there will be a Jane Austen board game. The film will likely occupy most of the guests for the majority of the time. There is a possibility of some Magnetic Poetry making an appearance as well, which will likely lead to many interesting compositions.
Our refreshments will consist of cupcakes, mushroom puffs, chips, soda, and iced chai tea.
Feel free to use this as a guide to throw your own Keats party for National Poetry Month or whenever the mood takes you.
Now, really stop distracting me, I’m a bit behind on my Script Frenzy page count.

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