Sunday, April 25, 2010

Doctor Who Oops

Apparently this past Saturday when the fourth episode of the new season of Doctor Who, "The Time of Angels," was shown in the UK a little animated advertisement for the upcoming program came across the bottom of the screen during the tension filled last moments of the episode obscuring Matt Smith's lower face for a moment. Viewers were in a bit of an uproar, the BBC received a barrage of calls and emails and they have now issued an apology for the ill timing of the advertisement.
Incidentally, the upcoming show was "Over the Rainbow," another one of those shows searching for the next big west end star (see "How Do You Solve a Problem Like Maria," "Any Dream Will Do," etc. as other examples. Andrew Lloyd Webber needs to put his time to better use, have you heard the music for the Phantom sequel? Anyway...). Graham Norton, the host of "Over the Rainbow" appeared in animated form in the screen blurb. I hope when they do the next DW special on The Graham Norton show Matt Smith brings up that he ruined most of Britain's Saturday night tv. That would make my day
Honestly, I didn't find the blurb that obnoxious, not compared to the steady stream of such advertisements we get on most US stations. To see the offensive clip (the clip doesn't spoil too much of the episode for those that are waiting for BBCA to show the episode in two weeks), watch it at my new favorite Who blog here. >

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