Sunday, April 11, 2010

Since I'm Not Busy Enough Already...

I applied to be a contributor to the popular music and film blog "The Playlist". It's a different style than I'm used to here and in the paper, but it might be beneficial and it's always good to get one's name out. Who knows, one day someone might pay me to write something. *Dreams*
My first article appeared tonight under my real name, not my creative writing name (Odessa). I also realized that I must start watching more contemporary films and reading magazines like Entertainment Weekly.
You can check out the blog here.
And, because I promised I'd mention it: I had the most peculiar pleasure of meeting my friend Lynn's boyfriend last night. His name is Richard and he runs his own comic company, InterVerse Comics LLC. Our conversation started at a very strange point and hit several others before the evening was through and I had to go to rehearsal. Oh, yes, speaking of busy, I'm performing in a Greek tragedy in an outdoor theatre next month.

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