Thursday, April 15, 2010

Script Frenzy Halfway Point....

Uh oh. I'm about 20 pages behind. I started out with good momentum, filling pages takes so much less than it did with NaNo. My NaNo was about 250 pages, so 100 pages seemed pretty easy. I scoffed at the task. I scoff no more. My spring semester is extremely busy, this is the last month of classes and there is much to be done before finals. The Greek tragedy I'm in goes into tech next week. I'm also slightly strung out on allergy medication.
Another thing I realized about writing for the screen is that things happen alot faster plot wise than in a novel or even a stage play. A camera angle mentioned as a direction can describe what might take a half a page of text or dialogue. So, I'm at that "Wow, I'm running out of plot" moment I was at around this time in November. Part of my problem is I really like things to be in a semi-presentable state by the time the first draft is finished. Editing along the way is not an option here.
I'd really like to win Script Frenzy this year, but it cannot be my top priority right now. Not even in the top ten actually.
A bit of good news is that I've recieved an editor position on the paper, I'm the assistant Arts editor, but I'll mostly be training to completely take over the old editor's job sometime next spring, she won't be able to do it anymore.
And I have to ask: Was anyone else utterly desolate after the season premeire of Glee? It was terrible. Most of the best characters weren't used and I am tiring of the Sue Sylvester vs Will plot. The writers lean way too much on it. It's reaching beyond irony and breaching the realm of cheap farce.

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