Monday, April 26, 2010

Scripts: Mine and "The Runaway Train"

I thought I'd feel worse about quitting Script Frenzy. I'm really pretty okay about it, I will come back to my script over the summer, but right now it's not the proper time for it. Actually, I've been considering rewriting a novella I wrote last summer as a full length novel or script. I'm not sure yet.
Now for a not mine script: "The Runaway Train," a Doctor Who audio drama read by Matt Smith. Such things are not usually produced in America, but I find them very interesting. Actually, I'd love to write radio plays, but anyway, I digress. "Runaway Train" is a pretty good story about a terraformer from an alien planet that is sent to earth to make it habitable to this other species (which would make it uninhabitable to humans). This all happens to be in the middle of the American Civil War. When I found out that Matt Smith was the only actor lending his voice to the drama, I was a little skeptical, but I am incredibly impressed by his ability to create character voices and accents. What I like to refer to as his "bad cowboy" voice is quite sexy. Just hearing his versatility makes the program worth a listen.
Definitely check it out. Matt Smith is constantly surprising me in wonderful ways. Though I will always love David Tennant, he is carving his own lovely niche into the heart of the Whoniverse.

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