Saturday, January 2, 2010

The End of Time Part 2

I just watched the finale of David Tennant's reign as the Doctor in Doctor Who. The Doctor faced his greatest enemies; his own people and his own conscience. The Master helps save the day in the end (after the humans are returned to their bodies, thank goodness) and disappears into oblivion, to return again at the writer's discretion. At that moment when the Time Lords and their war are put to rest once and for all (we assume...) the Doctor thinks he has beaten his death, he may just get to stay, when the biggest surprise of the series strikes. The Doctor doesn't die in a noisy battle, in the heat of blood, he dies rather quietly, saving Wilf. With just enough time in his old skin left, the Doctor has self indulgent montage where he visits all of his old companions. He saves Rose for the last, meeting her back before she ever met him in his previous incarnation.
The last words the tenth Doctor says are: "I don't want to go." Perhaps this echoes David Tennant's own emotional sentiments at the end of this show? There were many Hamlet moments in the episode, also maybe a nod to Tennant just coming off a success in the RSC's production of the play. There is that element of great indecision, a duel of sorts and a standoff, a maternal moment. The Ood says to the Doctor "The universe will sing you to your sleep," a parallel to Horatio's "Good night, sweet prince/And flights of angels sing thee to thy rest."
Matt Smith made a roucous first appearance after an especially violent regeneration scene by taking a comical inventory of himself (legs and arms are of great concern to him). Upon feeling his fine bone structure and long hair he shrieks, "I'm a girl!" (So it is possible to have a female Doctor? Or one that isn't humanoid in appearance?) He also notes, "-and still not ginger," a clever nod to the last regeneration and David Tenant's first full episode. I am conservatively hopeful for his turn as the Doctor. He made a great first appearance and because they joked about his feminine looks, I am much more apt to embrace them. However, pictures I've seen from the set of his new season show his costume to be much like the wardrobe of my high school AP History teacher. I might be able to forgive that too. We'll have to see.
Overall, the finale gets an A-. There were a few moments that were a little lackluster, but I went away with a sad smile and hope for the young Matt Smith.

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