Saturday, January 9, 2010

From the pages of Agnes Grey

I came across this incredibly long, yet grammatically correct sentence today:

"Then having broken my long fast on a cup of tea, and a little thin bread and butter, I sat down beside the small, smouldering fire, and amused myself with a hearty fit of crying; after which, I said my prayers, and then, feeling considerably relieved, began to prepare for bed; but, finding that none of my luggage was brought up, I instituted a search for the bell; and failing to discover any signs of such a convenience in any corner of the room, I took my candle, and ventured through the long passage, and down the steep steps, on a voyage of discovery."

Bolded is one of the funniest phrases I read all day. I will never feel bad about the amount of commas I use ever again. It reminds me of a word-count padding NaNoWriMo dare; write a one hundred word sentence, actually Anne managed 104 words if my count is correct.

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  1. Ha! That is one long sentence and I love the part you bolded. Hilarious!