Thursday, January 21, 2010

What Would Emma Tweet About?

This Sunday the new adaptation of Jane Austen's Emma premieres on PBS at nine pm. Since Masterpiece's "The Complete Jane Austen" was wildly popular only a few years back, they have decided to have a special event in honor of this Austen broadcast. They are having a Twitter party. Call me old fashioned, but I want to have a real viewing party with local PBS audiences. Also, as much as I appreciate online channels of communincation, I don't understand the format of Twitter. I comprehend the point of Myspace, Facebook, and (obviously) blogs, but not Twitter. I must forgo the pleasure of joining "PBS and Masterpiece insiders, as well as Austen experts" in discussing the program as it's broadcast.
It got me thinking; Emma actually seems like a heroine that might have enjoyed the world of Twitter. Elinor Dashwood, Elizabeth Bennet, Fanny Price probably not so much. However, I think Emma would have enjoyed the idea of "social networking". How would she use it in her matchmaking schemes?
Photo courtesy of Masterpiece PBS.

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