Friday, October 30, 2009

NaNoWriMo Love Affair

National Novel Writing Month, I'm obsessed. Now that I am officially a member of this insane gang worldwide, I have been browsing the forums, participating in the lively discussions. Even though the writing does not commense until Sunday, the boards are lively with questions about the realism of subjects, plot holes, plot devices, and how to survive the thirty day write-a-thon.
Here are some fantastic thread titles on the realism boards (all written by other participants, not my own devising, therefore quoted):
"nailing Jello to the wall"
"Kissing someone with a mustache"
"Evil Hoboes During the Great Depression"
"how to get the blood out (of a person)"
"Manly Coffee Drinks"
"Short males of the world! How does it feel?"
"Teach me about String Theory!"
"Ever been shot?"
"Zombies eat brains, but why?"

I could go for days, that is just a handful of peculiar, fascinating and hilarious discussions on the Character and Plot Realism boards. Honestly, I would join just for the lively ecclectic discussion. There are boards for the various genres, to discuss particular devises and difficulties, and you can get writing buddies! So you don't feel all alone with your angst.
I even made "cover art" this afternoon for my hypothetical book. That is the banner at the top of this post as it appears on my "Novel Info" page. The title came across a little lighter than I hoped, it's called "Jaded" at this point. (Click image to enlarge)
This is terribly unhealthy, but hey it's only until December 1st... and then there's the script writing challenge in April.... I need to stop.
Not going to watch Place of Execution on Masterpiece Contemporary this Sunday because I'm a bad person. Mas. Contemporary always leaves me a little cold and I'd rather be novelling.
Hurry up November and get here! (Once you're here however, feel free to linger slowly while I bring up my word count)
I will watch Robin Hood on Saturday. I feel it's my civic duty.


  1. Hey there! I hope NaNoWriMo is going well and you aren't utterly exhausted or tearing your hair out yet!

    I'm annoyed at myself that I didn't investigate it thoroughly before the Nov 1 kickoff. Now it's teasing at me to do, but I think it might be to late to get started. Next year, though!

    Good luck on it.


  2. Thanks, I still want to do the April script writing challenge for some reason. Definately try for next year- we can be *writing buddies* (one of the many cute features their website has).