Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Awkward First Blog

I keep seeing more and more authors nowadays that have gotten their start online through blogging. It struck me that perhaps there really is something useful and educational about it, that I should move with the times.
I don't want to talk about my personal life or the exploits of celebrities, mainly I want to create an intelligent forum for literary based discussions in relation to life, pop culture, and more literature. At the forefront I should state I am not just an English geek, I have many geeky interest or at least interests that I have been told are geeky.
Mostly I have been inspired by the fantastic girls on the BBCA Robin Hood forum that provide stimulating discussion every week and have given me confidence in my own ability to give commentary.
Now that this awkward first blog is out of the way, hopefully enthralling discussions are to come.


  1. Literature, pop culture and humor - what's not to love! Enthrall us as you please - I can't wait to see what first on the menu. Good Luck!

  2. Ah my dear, you often provide very insightful reviews over on the RH board, and I love reading them. So glad you gave me the heads up for over here!


  3. Thanks for visiting me ladies! I hope this will help me artistically and give a good time to my readers!
    Let me know of any topics you'd like discussed or anything you'd like reviewed, I will try to appease. Just not in November, as you can see from my latest post, I will be busy!