Thursday, October 22, 2009

Book Tech

I have received an email from Barnes and Noble about their new eBook reader, The Nook. It is advertised as"The World's Most Advanced eBook Reader" at $259. Although only on pre-order right now it has it's own tab on B&N's website and has caused a flurry of excited discussion in my local lit. group.I see a major competition starting between the two devices. The Kindle seems to have lowered it's price from $279 to match the Nook's slightly lower price. Coincidence? I doubt it.
Personally, I like books. I like the feel and the smell (apart from several unfortunate used books I've found that need to be sanitized) of books. Will this wave of eBooks begin slowing book production? Shutting down bookstores? Will kids be curling up for a bedtime story via screen? I see the logic, they will save space and trees, but in the end paper books are recyclable, eWaste less so.
How does everyone else feel about this step? Will it simplify your literary life?
Check out the Nook at It is a really cute name at any rate.

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  1. Both old and new techs use natural resources. We just need to get better at recycling both forms of waste. I do prefer the tactile touch of a paper book, but I appreciate the lower cost per book and greater convenience offered by e-book readers.