Saturday, November 27, 2010

Why Getting Flowers is Terrible

I went on a rant this evening about how awful flowers are as a token of love. In a purely symbolic sense, it is very discouraging.
For example, giving flowers to a dying relative: your relative is dying, so to cheer them up you give them flowers that have been cut off from their life source so that they can watch them whither and die while all their family stands around watching them (the relative) whither and die. I would be so annoyed.
From an admirer I understand the deeper metaphor of a rose representing romance because they are beautiful, delicate, rare, and they hurt like hell. I have been given flowers once or twice and I appreciated the gesture, but I had to consider the other implications. Does the relationship, like the flowers have no "roots" or solid foundation? Will it be very pretty for a short while, then wilt and decay? Will all the petals drop off and reveal that all that's left is an ugly thorny stem of dead love?
For goodness sake, I would say give me a living plant, so it can grow and bloom *like our love* (excuse, I just made myself dry heave a little). Please excuse my rant, I've had a migraine for three days. I've always wondered if my migraines are caused my me over analyzing everything, such as the symbolic implications of flower-giving.


  1. I both agree and disagree - flowers are lovely, whether they're cut or in a pot. I do, however, like to receive a potted plant, just because they last longer. For my birthday this year (mid-July), I was given a peace lily, and it's still lush and green. :) If I had been given a boquet, it would've been gone in a fortnight.

  2. They are beautiful, I was just in an excessively bad mood when I wrote this.
    However I do think live plants are a vastly superior offering, especially when it's an offering of love.