Saturday, November 13, 2010

Adventures in Literature Homework

Currently trying to finish "The Turn of the Screw" for my lit class. It's weird... very peculiar. A bit of a difficult text.
My Troilus and Cressida research paper is actually coming along- I at least have a better idea of where it's going now. Very interesting getting into the "poets war" with Ben Jonson as a possible fuel to the satire of the play. I've come to think of T & C as a sort of anti-Romeo and Juliet.
I took a break this morning and made a new batch of soap with my fabulous new fragrance oil, aloe, and activated charcoal. While it cooled I read some Sherlock Holmes stories (The Adventure of the Copper Beeches and The Bruce Parington Plans). By next year when season two arrives I'd like to have finished reading the original canon.
I'm still on my NaNo prohibition, but have some ideas for when I start back up tomorrow night.
Back to Henry James.


  1. Turn of the Screw was one of my favorite reads, which reminds me that I should read more Henry James. Daisy Miller is a great story by him as well. If I remember correctly the end of Turn of the Screw left a lot of questions, it left the reader to determine if the governess was mad or not. It's been a few years so I could be remembering wrong. I also remember the little girl being a lot more grown up then she should have been, I recall Dr. Fletcher telling the class how writers could rarely write children well, they always seemed too grown up. I'm rambling now... ^_^;; <3

  2. Yes, you're thinking of the right story- it's my first brush with James. I want to like him, but I don't know...
    Come by to ramble any time.

  3. I found The Turn of the Screw rather difficult to get through, I must say ... perhaps I should tackle it again. There's a couple of Henry James stories I abandoned and then really got into on a second or third attempt (like Wings of the Dove).

    Oh, and I would love to see your Troilus and Cressida paper, if you should ever decide to share it! :)

    How's NaNo?

  4. We'll see what my grade on it is and then I'll decide whether or not I want to share any of it!

    I'm a bit behind, on word count, but will use Thanksgiving break to catch up. (hopefully)

  5. Good luck! Pop by the forum too if you have time ... we're got the captions contest vote going and lots of other good stuff, including some of the fics posted in our ficathon. :)