Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Pic Spam: Sherlock

Because I can and because NaNo, research papers and newspaper nonsense has nearly crippled my ability to use words. I have to economize where I can. So here are some of my favorite Sherlock images:

Sherlock thinks... and absorbs nicotine.

That John sure has a great sweater collection.

The tension builds... and then...

Jeremy Brett!? No one invited you.

Why can't JB just be content with being second sexiest Sherlock Holmes? Benedict Cumberbatch is not amused.
Okay, that's out of my system. For now. I'm going to finish my apple and try to catch up on sleep, I'm at about 15,000 words. Rough seas ahead, I know this. Troilus and Cressida paper is proving to be troublesome as well. Ah, well, I'll get through. Probably.


  1. About 12.2k here ... only wrote about 200 words last night as was really tired and it was getting late, and when I had written about 190 words, I realised I was writing the wrong scene. So I just said "sod this, I'm going to bed!" Because in Jane Eyre, after the bed fire, Rochester goes away and Jane confronts (sort of) Grace Poole. It doesn't go straight to Mrs. Fairfax's "oh, it appears we'll have guests". *facepalm*

    With Sherlock Holmes, glad you're enjoying it. :) The funny thing about Jeremy Brett is that he looks (and plays Sherlock) like a bad guy! Which is quite confusing. Cumberbatch was great, looking forward to series two!

  2. Some times I write my scenes out of order if I get inspiration for another moment in the story- totally fine Traxy!
    I love Jeremy Brett, but BC is probably my favortie Sherlock now.

  3. Hey, stranger here. Stumbled onto your blog with a searching for pictures of Sherlock and Moriarty. Thought you should know that between this and NaNoWriMo, I'm pretty sure you're my new best friend ;) kthnxbai!

  4. Ha, thanks for dropping by, I'm quite obsessed and spend too much time searching for such pictures myself.
    Any friend of NaNo is a friend of mine!