Wednesday, July 28, 2010

The Wasteland of Summer

Summer has a strange effect on most people; lists of goals are compiled from the books you want to read to the household improvements you should make. However, summer is the most distracting season. Possibly the worst season to try and accomplish anything in. My impossibly ambitious reading lists are always interrupted by the urge to take a walk or go to a concert or out to coffee with friends.
Then around the time when July seeps into August, you hit the wasteland. It's a time when very little artistic or interesting things are happening. All the movies in the theatre are 'action flicks,' all the tables in the bookstore are lined with romance novels and a wave of fatigue hits you. What have you done with your summer? There's only a month left to accomplish everything you wanted to do.
To be honest, I have accomplished a lot, just not the things I expected. That should content me. Things have really slowed down on Etsy, so I'll not worry as much about making stock until the cooler months when online buying picks up again and spend the rest of my summer working on my reading and writing my stories. I've had more ideas concerning my short, "Target Girl" and would like to work on turning it into a full length story. I'm still working on "Anachronism," the novella I wrote last summer. There are so many changes I want to make and so many new ideas I have for it. Now it's a matter of figuring out the shape of the story with these changes in place. Structure is so important. A great story can be ruined if you tell it the wrong way.


  1. Oooh, I shall go and have a look at your shop! :)

  2. Thanks, it's a bit barren at the moment a bunch of my listings just expired. As I said, it's really slow, but many other Etsy-ers tell me it's just the time of year.