Saturday, July 10, 2010

Lovely Men of Literature

After seeing many "sexiest literary characters" lists on various blogs, I have decided to create my own. Mainly because I think that many gems have been overlooked. Well, 'gems' isn't very masculine, but I believe my meaning is clear. I have compiled seven literary characters that I find sexy and will list them in no particular order. Feel free to mention anyone you think I missed in the comments. Just a bit of fun, enjoy.

-Benedick from A Much Ado About Nothing: Romeo is too whiny for my tastes. Benedick's not immediately on many most sexy lists, but I love a bit of verbal sparring. In spite of how sharp his tongue is and how stubborn he is, in the end he's not too proud to admit his love for Beatrice.

-Odysseus/Ulysses from The Illiad and The Odyssey: Strong and capable, he is a great strategist and a foil for the rash and angry Achilles. He also travels 10 years just to get home to his wife Penelope who waited for him all that time by cleverly tricking her many suitors.

-Westley/The Dread Pirate Roberts from The Princess Bride: How much dashing heroism can one man possess? Starting as a humble farm boy saying "As you wish" and returning as a swashbuckling pirate to rescue his beloved... that's enough for me. Mostly the pirate thing actually.

-Simon Cotton from I Capture the Castle: Simon is a sexy intellectual American with a country estate in England. He is brilliant (except in his choice of girl) as well as kind, generous, romantic, and bookish- plus he is a fine dancer.

-Mr. Rochester from Jane Eyre: Though not handsome, he is passionate, worldly and mysterious. Best of all, he sees the qualities Jane possesses that are below the surface and proves that love is a great equalizer. There is the matter of his first wife... but a deus ex machina always comes in handy there.

-Richard Sharpe from Bernard Cornwell's Sharpe series: Sharpe was a poor guttersnipe in England, orphaned, he escaped the dangerous life of a child chimney sweep and eventually rose in the ranks of the British army. Instead of buying rank, he actually earned his. Though rough around the edges he can be charming when he chooses and is always good to his women. I love him not just because he's played by Sean Bean in the series... though that does help.

-Captain Wentworth from Persuasion: You thought I was going to say Mr. Darcy? No, no, to be perfectly frank I don't think we'd get along at all. Jane Austen's sexiest leading man is by far Captain Wentworth. Though he almost lets his hurt pride get in the way, he carries a torch for Anne for 8 years and wins her back with one of the most intense love letters of literature. Besides, he's a sailor. I'm not sure if that counts for anything, but I think it's pretty hot.


  1. Odysseus, although quite unfaithful to Penelope, is made all the more sexy when he is played by Sean Bean. As far as Austen goes, I vote for Mr Knightly, a solid, familiar man who truly understands Emma and loves her for who she is.

  2. Anything Sean Bean plays is sexy. Knightly is a fine choice, but Austen wrote so many wonderful male specimens, I didn't want to seem partial and list more than one. I've always fancied Henry Tilney as well.

  3. I feel that Severus Snape deserves an honorable mention...

  4. Got to admit, I'm not a Harry Potter fan, so I'm not familiar with the sexiness levels of those characters. I'll take your word for it.

  5. I disagree with sydpenguinbunny - I don't think Snape of the HP books is sexy at all. He's quite revolting, to be perfectly honest. I think the Canon vs Fanon Snape image sums it up quite well! ;)

    The only book I've read of the ones you mention is Jane Eyre (I love Rochester to distraction!), but I'm aquainted with Benedick, Westley, Sharpe and Wentworth from films and TV, and I agree. They're all very nice indeed. :) Bought the Princess Bride book earlier this year, and I really need to read more Jane Austen than P&P and S&S, both of which I read, what, ten years ago now? (Shock horror!)

    Agreed about Darcy - once I managed to dislodge him from the top spot, I've come to realise how many other cravatted crumpets there are out there. Mr. Thornton from Elizabeth Gaskell's North & South for instance - rowr! He's a bit like Darcy, except with a lot more depth!

    Found my way here through a Google blog alert on "Jane Eyre", but I see you're not only a Brontë Challenge participant, but also a fellow Script Frenzier and NaNoer! (Okay, so I only did SF in 2007, and skipped NaNo last year, but hey!) And you have an interesting blog! I shall come back for more! :)

  6. Oh, you will love reading the Princess Bride! It's fun and goes very quickly. Persuasion is my favorite Austen, but if my friend Lynn and I agree that Northanger Abbey never gets enough credit- it's hilarious, a gothic romance parody.
    I agree, though I haven't read N&S, Thornton was gorgeous in the film! I tried not to list anyone I haven't actually read so that it would be about the character, not the lush man playing him... sometimes it's to close to call!
    I look forward to future discussions with you!

  7. I am in the middle of watching the 2007 BBC release of Persuasion and remember your literary crush of Captain Wentworth (once I read the book, I feel I may come to a similar conclusion).
    And, it may be just me, but I feel that the actor, Rupert Penry-Jones, is quite nice on the eyes.