Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Review: Lady Pyrate

Lady Pyrate by Amy Marcoski follows the story of a young woman named Morgan Black. She lost her parents at sea when she was eleven and has lived alone by the docks for many years enjoyng the stories of sailors. When a family friends suggests a trip abroad Morgan has no idea she will never make it to her destination. Her ship is beset upon by a crew of pirates captained by the mysterious Erek Roberts who discovers a secret about his captive's past that paves the way to his future.
This story is full of memorable characters and fun scenes. I believe every woman reading it can relate to Morgan and will long to set sail with Captain Roberts herself by the end of the book. The narrative is not very eloquent and holds alot of repition that would work better cinematically, but still, one finds that they can't wait to find out what happens next and when the characters will realize what the audience already knows (great use of dramatic irony).
So, no, perhaps it is not pulitzer prize material, but it is a great read for anyone that loves a good pirate adventure. It's plot has similiarities to films such as the first Pirates of the Carribean and Cutthroat Island. If you are a fan of those films you will probably find a lot to love in Lady Pyrate. As I said, the novel has elements that feel cinematic, so maybe a studio will pick it up someday, I would be interested in watching an adaptation. Visit the author's website to read excerpts of her writing and find the promise of sequels to this novel here.

This is my book with a title (lady) in the title for "What's in a Name? Challenge."

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