Monday, February 1, 2010

The Continuing Adventures of Emma: Review Part 2

Only one part to go of the new Emma adaptation on PBS (though, I'm given to understand many have already watched it from various web sources- the first two sections are available for veiwing on The highlight of this part was the scene at the dance. It was probably the best rendering of that sequence I have ever seen- even including a parody I once wrote called "Dirty Dancing: 19th Century Nights". I digress. The music was fantastic and the interweaving plots all happening at the gathering were handled very well.
Finally, Knightley is starting to come alive in terms of his chemistry with Emma. Johnny Lee Miller is much better in the part than I had expected and Romola Garai brings a liveliness to Emma that reminds one just how young and inexperienced she is, in spite of her wit and pride. Louise Dylan is giving a very sympathetic portrayal of Harriet Smith, a girl always reminded of her inferior position, but truly one of the kindest souls one could meet.
The pacing of this section was superior to the previous parts shown last Sunday and it felt less Dickensian to me. I look forward to the conclusion next week.
Also, ironically, after Emma went off I flipped the channel and Lost in Austen was on Ovation (there is an actor in common: Christina Cole). It's terribly fluffy brain candy that ravages Jane Austen and gives her fans a bit of a bad name, but I couldn't sleep, so of course I watched an episode. Or two.

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