Friday, February 19, 2010

Literary Crushes: Shakespeare

I posed the very philosophical question: "What Shakespearean character would you choose as a life partner?" to some of my friends yesterday.
"McDuff, I'd help him get over the dead wife and children," one said.
"I don't know, that's really weird. Definitely not Romeo or Hamlet, they're too emo, maybe Benvolio, he has some sense and he doesn't give up on Romeo," said another.
In the end I couldn't choose between Prince Hal of Henry IV (1&2) and Henry V or Edgar of King Lear. Number one, they both have castles, and I love castles. Hal is a bit of a wild child that settles down and accepts responsibility when he needs to, but proves himself a strong warrior and a caring lover to the French Princess. Edgar is a good boy all around, intelligent, compassionate and forgiving, but also has the guts to challenge his half brother and the skill to emerge victorious.
Who would be your ideal Shakespearean mate?

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