Saturday, February 6, 2010

Here's where I whinge about how hard writing is...

I am having a terrible time right now. I finally started sketching out a new story, but don't think it has enough meat to actually go anywhere. Perhaps I've been reading too many 'advice to writers' things that make me question the style I've been using. There is also something very frustrating about realizing that there are certain patterns in all of your stories, so all the ideas you've been having are just variations on a theme. Maybe it seems like a dozen stories, but boils down to only one or two.
I need to reboot or something. The only story I have any good ideas for is my Script Frenzy contribution. Even so, I can't start that until April and am still figuring out the structure of it anyway.
Maybe it's time I finally revisit my NaNo? I dread that thought, there aren't enough Post-it notes in the world for me to mark all the changes that must be made.
Maybe novels are not my style. I always get caught up with more trouble in them than anything else I write.
Sorry for the self indulgence. I had nothing else to do today.


  1. Hi!
    I had never heard of Script Frenzy before, but I checked the site and it does sound like an interesting idea. Have you taken part in it before?
    Maybe I will try to write 10 pages, just for the fun of it :) Would you care to give me an idea for it, say, a location or a person's name? Then I could work around that.
    Rgds, Neci

  2. I've never done Script Frenzy, but last year I won its sister challenge, National Novel writing month. I have written scripts before for a playwriting class.
    Hmm... how about a space station in the near future where two twins named Karen and Aaron have lived all there lives? I have no idea; it might make a good film. On the site there is that hilarious plot machine that generates random ideas that are very amusing.
    My idea is for a series about a small community theatre and all the nonsense and beauty that surrounds working in the theatre.
    I'm sure you'll think of something!

  3. Thanks for the idea (and sorry for not replying sooner; I'm having computer problems)! I think my knowledge of space stations go back to watching Star Trek in the late 1980's :) So, that is definitely out of my comfort zone, but at the same time I'm excited about trying to do it - 10 pages, that is.
    Have a good weekend!