Tuesday, December 28, 2010

British Actors in Band of Brothers

Yesterday was a bit of a duvet day at my house- we had considerable snow fall the night before and were a bit stuck in. There was a Band of Brothers marathon on and my father is a huge history buff- especially in regards to WWII so we had it on all day. It followed the Easy Company from D-Day through the end of the war.
I did miss several bits of it as I was trying to be productive and not stay on the couch all day, but I noticed that there were many actors from the UK pulling convincing American accents in the film- many actors I've enjoyed in other pieces.

Damian Lewis is fantastic as Captain Winters, one of the main protagonists of the piece.

James Macavoy plays a fresh faced replacement, Pvt. Miller.

Marc Warren plays the very sympathetic Albert Blithe.

Andrew Scott plays Pvt. "Cowboy" Hall. Look at that pout. His voice is deeper for this role than the voice he used in Sherlock and My Life In Film as well.

Tom Hardy from series such as Wuthering Heights and Oliver Twist plays Pfc. Janovec

Michael Fassbender plays yet another soldierly role (previously from 300 and Inglorious Basterds) plays "Pat" Christenson.

Simon Pegg does a great American accent as Sgt. Evans - great Scottish as well in Star Trek.


  1. you forgot Dexter Fletcher

  2. Shane Taylor (Roe), Nicholas Aaron (Wynn), Philip Barantini (Sisk), Ross McCall (Liebgott), Rick Warden (Welsh) Robin Laing (Heffron), Matthew Leitch (Talbot), Craig Heaney (Cobb), Tim Mathews (Penkala), Peter McCabe (Hoobler), and possibly Doug Allen (More) cause his accent is off.

  3. Andrew Scott is Irish

  4. Michael Fassbender is German-Irish, not British...