Sunday, October 17, 2010

My Motto for the Day

This weekend was my first Forensic Speech tournament and I was nervous. I was thrown into one event only this week, so I was very nervous. One off our assistant coaches made us little slips of paper with inspiration quotations and pictures. I don't know if she did this purposely for me, because I'm an Anglophile, but she put "Keep Calm and Carry On" in the corner and it was my motto all tournament.
I knew I wouldn't be coming in top rankings my first time out, in fact I knew in some events I wouldn't even make near the finals, but I kept on. And I made it to finals on two events this weekend.
So, I'm looking to next weekend, hoping that it's only up from here.


  1. One of the posters from the Armstrong & Miller Show Live was just like the above (in red/white)... with the addition of "and shit" at the bottom. Like this:


  2. Yeah, there are alot of parodies of the poster- which was originally designed in 1938 to encourage the British people in case the country was invaded.
    I just chose the blue version because I thought it looked prettier with my blog scheme. I'm such a girl :)