Friday, October 22, 2010

Happy Blog-iversary to me....

Today is the anniversary of my first post, cleverly entitled, "Awkward First Blog." I've definitely experienced many changes in my perspective on blogging since that fateful day a year ago.
I celebrated by registering my NaNo for next month, NaNo was the first major project I undertook after starting my blog. At first I was very covert about the whole thing, calling myself a "secret blogger" and not really letting many of my friends or family know about my project to train myself to be a better journalist and writer in general. Now I speak more freely about it and have reached 8 followers as well as a handful of sometimes readers.
What will the next year bring? Both in blogging and life, it's difficult to anticipate. Let's keep it as adventurous as possible.


  1. Congratulations!
    I'd like to be in the category of "always reader", although I don't have a blog myself to be your follower :). I find a lot of inspiration from your posts.

    Have a good weekend!

  2. Having read just this one post (your curmudgeon of the week status brought me here), I have to say I heart you.

  3. Happy blog-birthday! :D Funny how many of the blogs I read started out last year (including mine). 2009 must've been a good year to start blogging!